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Corporate Profile

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The Beginning of Convergence IT Services

The Beginning of Convergence IT Services starts from the concepts of executive team who have knowledge, capability, and direct experiences in IT field both in big companies in Thailand and in Multinational Corporation. They have seen the importance of IT services that become an essence part in business operation of every companies especially business operation in a world which has boundless communication nowadays. With rapidity of the digital causes severely competition. IT system has become a heart of business operation which affects the growth development and survival of the business a lot. Emphasizing on Core Business and deliver the work that requires Special Skill especially IT Services to Outsourcing therefore is another option which will decrease the risk, the cost and will help the business moves forward rapidly.

From aforementioned concepts, Convergence IT Services Co., Ltd. aims to develop a quality IT Outsourcing Working Team on the basic belief that said “Quality Work comes from Quality Man.”. Therefore, the Company has emphasized on developing the personnel in all levels, all knowledge fields both Technical Skill and other Soft Skills in order that the Company’s personnel who have been sent to other business enterprises and organizations can work happily and create works suitably to be in line with the target that such business enterprises or organizations have set or more, which is marked as Joint Success for both Convergence IT Services Co., Ltd. and our business partners.


Strength of Convergence IT Services

1)  Competent Working Team

A competent working team that has capability in knowledge integrating of Technical Skill and other Soft Skills to become as one in a form of providing an excellent service to our business partners by emphasizing from recruiting, selecting personnel, including developing process in order to deliver quality personnel towards the business enterprises of our business partners, in performing IT Support which is an important part in fostering the business growth by using sequence work process which is accepted according to the International Standard of IT Fields for example, ISO, ITIL etc.


2)  Development and Creation of the Excellent Personnel

IT Outsourcing work is a service that must have an interaction with the service receiver directly, therefore, it must be a perfect combination between being a Specialist and being a Service Mind Person. The Company has a training course to develop the personnel to have 4 important qualification as follows:

          2.1) Love to provide service

The Company develops the personnel to have understanding, love to provide service, and be happy to help the customers with well-mannered politeness.

          2.2) Knowledge Base in IT Field

The Company has Explicit Knowledge Compilation System, Knowledge Transfer System following the proper procedures which is accepted according to the International Standard.

          2.3) Communication Skill, Adaptability and Capability in Working with Others

The Company trains the personnel to have Communicative Competence, Flexibility, Work Adaptation in different Environment of each organization in order to be able to work to achieve the target that has been set (KPI).

          2.4) Capability in Learning and Continuous Development towards International Standard

The Company trains the personnel to have potential, communication skill and English proficiency, and can create IT services in Global Site in order to support, promote business of our business partners to have sustainable growth and be ready for the quick change that would happen in every areas.