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Our Services

The Company emphasizes on providing IT services to customers both in Thailand and abroad.


The Company emphasizes on providing IT services to customers both in Thailand and abroad by working team who can work in Global Site (can use English in communication; speaking, reading, and writing), also providing service in IT Outsourcing, Implement, Migration, Infra structure, including Project Consultant and taking care overall image of all IT works (Turn Key Project) especially Technical Support work which the Company is specialized


Job description could be divided according to the type of the contracts as following

Individual Contract Services ›

is outsourcing an individual job postings for all business enterprises under supervision and personnel development pursue to the programme of the Company according to the period specified in the contract

Sub Contact Services ›

is IT works that has hired an outsource in some part of the structure but still has a main personnel of the Company to be a person who drives IT works according to the Company’s policy

Full Contact Services ›

is a full outsource service that the service provider will take IT policy and drive all projects to reach the set target by emphasizing on being a Business Partner in order to have IT works support and bear the business’ growth suitably

Procedure of providing Quality IT Outsource Service

1. Study the business and the demand of customers thoroughly (have Case Study) in order to provide service to be in accordance with the objectives which may require any expertise particularly so that the Company can respond to the works of such business enterprises with full capacity.


2. Develop professionalism in specialized expertise (for Business Partner) Developing working team to be specialized expertise in IT Field in order to assist our Business Partner to have IT System that is ready to support the business operation and can create growth together.


3. Select suitable personnel (Quality Resource) Selecting the personnel who has qualification conform and fit to working format, also having IT knowledge and other capacity that must be used in work in order to work efficiently and smoothly.


4. Promote the personnel development continuously (Continuously Develop) IT works change and develop rapidly so the Company has improved ways to activate the personnel to learn new things for example, IT knowledge according to the International Standard (ITIL Foundation), including English skill etc. for continuous development and helping the personnel of the Company to bring out their true potential to use in work fully.
5. Emphasize on innovation, participation, and coorperativeness of the personnel in working (Innovation & Creativity & Team Work): Working guidelines of the Company emphasizes on creativity, receiving information in both Vertical and Horizontal and bring those information to turn to account in adaptation, development, and cumulative for best performance.


6. Use the service quality verification system at all times (Service Approval): The Company has set to have service evaluation for customers continuously by using questionnaire survey or asking for feedback from customers directly in order to use as a guide for better improvement and adjustment of service quality.



We can support the aforementioned works very well for example


1. Helpdesk Service or Call center for Local and Global Site

2. On-site Support Service & Staff Augmentation for Local and Global Site

3. Technical Project Management

4. System Migration & Consolidation

5. Network & Support Administration

6. Network Assessment

7. System Upgrades & Integration